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Date : 13-01-31 00:00
KANGV and KONFA has signed an MOU for cooperation
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NGV promotion policy initiated from the year 2000 has contributed hugely to the improvement of air quality and traffic control. Public transportation fare was fixed for 4 years and a success in central bus way system was followed as a result.

Two non-profit NGV associations, KANGV and KONFA, are signing MOU for the promotion of NGV in Korea on Jan. 31 at Lexington hotel in Yeoido.

This MOU aims to share technology and information for the facilitation of NGV promotion and sharing of cooperative activity.

· Training of NGV experts and support for technology development
· Support for the expansion of NGV infrastructure
· Safety enhancement of Vehicle, cylinder and refueling system
· Cooperation on policy development and deregulation
· Facilitation of cooperation and construction of committee for effective execution

On the basis of 10 year's achievement of NGV promotion, the associations are expected to continue sharing information and strengthen the promotion of NGV to increase the number of CNG stations through this agreement.


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