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Date : 12-11-22 00:00
Uzbekistan-Korea NGV forum
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Ministry of Environment officials and representatives from industry visited Tashkent(Uzbekistan) to introduce policy on safety management and test system of NGV.

KANGV organized Uzbekistan-Korea NGV forum(22~23 Nov.) to:
1. share policy/technical information
2. discuss cooperative measure

About 100 participants from private and public sectors of two countries gathered to discuss future development on NGV policy and technical trend. From Korean side, safety regulation of NGV cylinder and converted vehicle was addressed and cooperative network building was emphasized to fasten the KOR-UNG joint investment project on gas station and cylinder factory in FIEZ Navoiy.

During the program, a conversion company, two refueling stations and a transport company were visited by Korean participants to analyze market feasibility and technology level in Uzbekistan. 1:1 business meetings were organized to induce export increase and partnership building.

Uzbekistan is constructing nationwide CNG refueling station network and currently 250 CNG stations and 300,000 NGVs are operating. KOR-UNG JVC is processing site approvals for 50 CNG stations and expected to finish construction of 4 stations within this year. NGV takes up 15% of total national vehicles in Uzbekistan and this figure is expected to rise over 30%.

Ministry of Environment and KANGV think Uzbekistan-Korea NGV forum has contributed to increasing NGV industry export by constructing active cooperative network between two countries.


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